Variousways FLV Player

What is FLV Player?
Due to the increase in availablity in Broadband and Macromedia Flash Player exploding adoption rate, Using Macromedia Flash as a streaming video medium has become a easily customisable solution.

Ideal for sales and marketing sites, entertainment purposes, rich internet advertising, such as interactive ads and web commercials, a Flash FLV Player offers technological and creative benefits that allow you to have engaging experiences that fuse video together with data, graphics, sound, and dynamic interactive control.

Variousways FLV Player Features
  • Completely customisable.
  • Auto hide options.
  • Fully resizable.
  • Customize skin and font colors.
  • Play, pause options.
  • "Scrub" video timeline option.
  • Volume options.
* Flash Player 7 required


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