Agora Mobile

What is Agora Mobile*
Agora Mobile is a chat, video conference, news and weather aggregator application designed for PDA/Mobile devices that have Flash.
Agora Mobile for Palm and PocketPC Devices is an easy-to-use, chat, video conference, with real-time news and weather information. Because Agora Mobile was developed with Flash Communication Server, it can be displayed on any computer or PDA device with Flash Player 6 and above.

Agora Mobile Features
  • Easy application list interface
  • Large one-click launch buttons.
  • Real-time news from CNN, and other sources.
  • Real-time local weather report and two day forcast.
  • Integrated video conference program.
  • Integrated chat program.
  • Designed and developed using Macromedia FlashMX and Flash Communication Server techonologies.
* Presently a beta version
- Video Conference ability is turned off until final release.

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